4 Tips for Emails that People Will Actually Read & Respond To


It’s Monday morning and your inbox is already overflowing with emails that you need to tend to. Sound familiar?


Our world is inundated with information and when it comes to communicating effectively electronically, I’ve found that there’s an art to emailing.  So I’m sharing my 4 secrets to save you some hassle, and start getting people to read and respond to your outreach!  


  1. KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE.  This is really is the heart of emailing effectively.  Think about it… if someone writes you a novel in email form, chances are you’re not going to take the time and energy needed (out of your busy day btw) to read and respond to the sender.  Our attention span is at a whopping 8 seconds now.  The key to keeping emails short and simple is -- 1) only including what the recipient needs to know, and 2) including a clear call-to-action.  Stick to this and you’ll start seeing your inbox transform instantly.

  2. HAVE A SUITABLE SUBJECT LINE.  I hate to break it to ya, but “Hello” and “( no subject )” are not gonna cut it.  Subject lines are like first impressions, so make it a good one.  Your subject line should set the stage for what you’re about to address in your email.  It’s also an opportunity to give the recipient a heads up on how urgent the message is.


Bad Example: Webinar

Good Example: See you at noon! Reimbursement 101 Webinar Today

  1. BE BOLD, ITALICIZED, & UNDERLINED.  If you don’t typically utilize bolded, italicized, or underlined text in your emails, you’re missing out.  Utilizing these features draws attention to details, making it easier for your reader to fully comprehend important points.  So help your readers out and start hitting CTRL + B/U/I today!

  2. SIGN OFF WITH A SIGNATURE.  Sometimes conversations live only in email so threads can get rather lengthy.  Make sure it’s easy to identify yourself in your emails by including a signature that suits your style.  (CEO Level Status: Automate this via your email settings so you don’t have to do it every time you respond to an email.)


I hope you find these strategies helpful when it comes to communicating with your clients, co-workers, and colleagues.  If you like articles this let me know at handmadehealthy [at] gmail [dot] com!


Be well,


Lindsey Joe, RDN, LDN
TAND Social Media Coordinator & Nashville Media Rep