Snack Smart with Almonds

Need a pick-me-up in the afternoon? Do you find yourself trying to power through tasks at work or energize yourself for afterschool activities with the kids? A recent nationwide study showed that most people have their afternoon slump at 2:58pm. This crash can lead to feeling drowsy, less productive, and worn out.

Many of us reach for a snack when the energy crash hits. Your snack choice is key! A smart snack can have a positive effect on the rest of the day by boosting your energy and satisfying cravings. A poor choice can leave you feeling even more sluggish and tired afterwards.

Healthy snacks provide nutrients that work together to nourish your body and satisfy hunger. Almonds are a great option because they offer energizing protein, fiber to keep you fuller longer, and healthy fats. Plus, they contain essential nutrients like vitamin E and magnesium.

When you reach for this good-tasting snack, remember portion size. A serving is 23 almonds. The best way to remember this is 1-2-3: one ounce of almonds equals 23 almonds. Fill snack sized bags with the appropriate portion size for an easy, on-the-go snack that delivers the nutrition you need.

Next time you crave a crunch in your afternoon crash, try a nutrient dense choice such as tasty almonds. Eat alone, add to trail mix, or use as a topping on yogurt. The possibilities are endless!