Board of Directors

Emily S Maddux President Email
Brian Carroll's picture
Brian Carroll President Email
Ginger H Carney's picture
Ginger H Carney President Elect Elect Email
Brian K Jones's picture
Brian K Jones Past President Email
Ms. Catherine K Austin's picture
Ms. Catherine K Austin Academy Delegate Email
Rebecca J Mehr Treasurer Email
Lindsey E Joe State Marketing Coordinator Email
Erin M Hartmann, RDN, LDN's picture
Erin M Hartmann, RDN, LDN Nominating Chair Email
Ashley Banks's picture
Ashley Banks Nominating Chair Elect Email
Chrystal Dickson's picture
Chrystal Dickson CPI Chair Email
Sarah Martin's picture
Sarah Martin CPI Chair Elect Email
Karen A Ringwald-Smith RD MS LDN FAND CPI Chair Elect-Elect Email
Chelsea LeBlanc Social Media Coordinator Email
Meghan Sprague Chattanooga District President Email
Khrysta Baig's picture
Khrysta Baig Knoxville District President Email
Sara R Foley Memphis District President Email
Kara Andrew Nashville District President Email
Crystal Woods's picture
Crystal Woods Tri-Cities President Email
Amy Richards West TN District President Email
Denisa B Cate's picture
Denisa B Cate Strategic Planning Chair Email
Dianne K Polly's picture
Dianne K Polly Strategy Consultant Email
Dr. Melinda Anderson's picture
Dr. Melinda Anderson Continuing Education Credit Approver Email
Marilyn C Holmes's picture
Marilyn C Holmes Consumer Protection Coordinator Email
Angela M Wallick's picture
Angela M Wallick Public Policy Coordinator Email
Andrea W Kendrick's picture
Andrea W Kendrick Reimbursement Chair & Media Spokesperson-Knoxville Email
E. Lauren Petr Cromer's picture
E. Lauren Petr Cromer Child Health/Kids eat Right Email
Dr. Autumn C Marshall's picture
Dr. Autumn C Marshall State Regulatory Specialist Email
Sharon A Thornton Media Spokesperson-West TN Email
Melissa Perry Media Spokesperson-Chattanooga Email
Elizabeth Hall's picture
Elizabeth Hall Scholarship and Fundraising Chair Email
Jacqueline A Daughtry Diversity Chair Email
Kecia Caldwell's picture
Kecia Caldwell STAND President Email
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Carrie Kiley Executive Director Email