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Welcome. The Tennessee Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (TN Academy) represents 1300 food and nutrition experts who are members of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The majority of these members are Registered Dietitians (RD). The RD has completed academic coursework, advanced practice certifications, obtained graduate or doctoral degrees and is credentialed by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). RD's are licensed by the State of Tennessee to provide expert food and nutrition advice, information, and consultative care. Dietetics Professionals (RDs) are trained to translate scientific, evidence based research into food and nutrition practice settings such as - hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, research labs, public health clinics, health and wellness facilities, grocery stores, universities, food and nutrition programs for school age children and for sports teams. The Tennessee Academy serves the public by promoting optimal nutrition, health and well being for all Tennesseans. Please contact webmaster Shelley Flint if you have questions or call TN Academy at 615-732-3124.


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Promoting Healthy Weight 2.0
Maternal Obesity
Friday, September 19, 2014
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STOP before you do anything else, please complete the action alert from the grassroots manager. It will probably take you less than a minute.  Only 8.7% of us have sent letters to our Congressmen.  It is so easy.   THANKS   

Subject: Action Alert – National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act
The Academy needs members to support the National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act (H.R. 1074).  This bill solves the problem of dispersed, uncoordinated federal entities working on diabetes issues and establishes a commission to make recommendations for better coordination to leverage federal programs for people with diabetes and pre-diabetes.  The commission, which will include clinical dietitians and other expert practitioners, would also determine how the government could support clinicians in providing high quality care to people with diabetes. To read more about H.R. 1074 click here.  
Please ask your member of Congress to support the National Diabetes Clinical Care Commission Act.
Take two minutes and send a note to your member of Congress.  Take Action Today!

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Hospital RDNs to Be Able to Independently Order Therapeutic Diets
Improving Quality of Care and Saving the Nation $459 Million per year

After more than four years of the Academy working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), RDNs employed in hospitals may now be allowed to order patient diets without requiring the supervision or approval of a physician or another practitioner.  CMS expects this rule to improve the efficiency and efficacy of nutrition care and save up to $459 million in annual hospital costs.
The Academy supports this new rule that will provide patients with better health care and help hospitals function more efficiently. 
What the rule does:
Among other things, the rule will allow registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) to become privileged to independently:

  1. Order patient diets without requiring the supervision or approval of a physician or other practitioner; and
  2. Order laboratory tests to monitor the effectiveness of dietary plans and orders.  Please note that ordering privileges for laboratory tests are determined by hospitals and their medical staffs in accordance with state law as well as any other requirements and/or incentives that CMS or other insurers might have.

Next Steps:

In the near future the Academy will provide members with:

  1. Suggestions for how to discuss this issue with employers and medical staff.
  2. Detailed processes and strategies for obtaining privileges.
  3. Model policies and procedures for privileging RDNs in the hospital setting.
  4. Analysis of the impact of state licensure laws and regulations on implementation.

The final rule will become effective July 11, 2014. 
Tomorrow, a press release and an all-member email from Academy President Dr. Glenna McCollum MPH, RDN will be sent which will include answers to frequently asked questions.  Please be sure to read and review the information in the communication.

Join us in celebrating this great success and, again, watch for more details to be shared as the rule is considered and implementation guidelines are developed.
Read the final rule here.



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